Peter Kivett

Family Association, Inc.

Advancement Committee


13 January 2014

Most agree that expenses have for the last few years outstripped our meager income sources, and too few are still responsible for the bulk of the PKFA work. Recruiting "new blood" with fresh ideas to take the places of aging leaders must continue as a high priority.  As a beginning toward alleviating both these critical situations, the concept of an Advancement Committee has been talked about.  Many have supported this concept, but a formal approval of a Committee Charter is necessary to put such a plan into effect.

As partial reasoning for this plan, no modification to the long existing, IRS approved, PKFA bylaws is needed - they already provide for the formation and operation of special committees to act in an advisory manner to the BOD.  Structuring the committee to be chaired by other than a voting PKFA Board member allows this to be less of a "full time" job, but one with a meaningful title for use in interfacing with outside organizations.  The proposed chair, Dr. Paula Weller, has expressed her need to operate in this manner.  Note that existing BOD Officers will also be called upon to serve with her, as their bylaws established roles may be involved.  No set time period is specified for the term of office of the Committee Chair, nor the make up of its membership - on purpose, in the interest of flexibility for the future.

The formal addition of this talented and dedicated person seems to offer the opportunity for fresh ideas and new financial and activity advancement - hence the name is not restricted to just financial matters, and called an "Advancement Committee".

Dr. Weller stresses that none of us should expect rapid solutions to our current financial woes, let alone miracles!  She has identified legacy giving programs, such as many churches and colleges have established to supplement dues and small donations.  Such a committee might offer this or other paths to an enduring and expanding future - with the help and participation of PKFA Officers and others outside the PKFA.


Advancement Committee Charter


During the second week of January, 2014, the enclosed PKFA Advancement Committee Charter, and the nomination of Dr. Paula Weller as Committee Chair, was formally submitted to the PKFA BOD.  Unanimous approval of both items was received, as tallied by the PKFA Secretary.

So, it is my pleasant duty to announce that this PKFA Advancement Committee is now in operation, under the rules of the approved Charter. Thanks to all who look to the future to a vital PKFA that will outlive all its leaders.  Members, as well as those buried out there in McMasters Cemetery, and all over the country, are watching how we care for their proud legacy.

In PKFA service, William D. "Bill" Kivett - PKFA Secretary