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Updated 18 March 2023

Pieter Kieviet Family Sheet



Pieter Kieviet Descendants

[Through 13 Generations]

 Updated 18 March 2023

Indexed Desc. Outline


Families of Pieter and Anna's Children

Up to13 Generations Listed

[With Indexing and Selected Discovered Facts]

 Updated 18 March 2023



Henry M.

John Matthew



Mary "Anna" Barbara

Peter (II)

Anna Margaret




During 2019 & 2020 extensive dedicated research was conducted

to discover and organize all available associated records on a Dutch family

which included a "Pieter Kievit" birth name on a 1726 baptismal record.


What follows is evidence that leads many to believe this was

the same individual the above American Kivett family members

know as their Immigrant Ancestor who is buried in McMasters Cemetery.


Beyond Peter's Grave


Dutch Kivett Family


During 2021 an unsolicited message was received from a private individual

 who said they had for many years been in the posession a very old

"Kivett Family Bible"

When questioned why it was so called, Photographs were submitted.


Bible  Photos


Entries on the records pages were analyzed which led to the linked-


Astounding  Conclusion



And - Then :


This Bible Comes Home