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Old Shady Grove Cemetery

Example of a Neglected Treasure

This historic cemetery is located in eastern Randolph County North Carolina, just a few miles to the southeast of the PKFA maintained McMasters Cemetery. It can be located by the very adventuresome about 1/2 mile east of the currently operating Shady Grove Baptist Church on the south side of Old Staley Road [NC #2470] just east of where it intersects with Cox Meadow Road [NC #2473].

Site Location Map


View from Cox Meadow Road

 Looking south into the woods across Old Staley Road



Old Shady Grove is an unusual cemetery, in that almost all the graves are mounded, whether marked or unmarked.  It is a large old cemetery with a hundred or more graves.  Some more modern style stones are easily readable, but many others are of the field stone variety with only initials marked, or without any discernable marking.  It has been said that the graves toward the east, down the slope of the hill, were those of slaves. Sadly, many graves seem to have had their stones removed - the identity of the person buried there already lost to the ages - now know only to God.


Overgrown Condition

2010 Visit Photo

A Few Legible Stones

  Cemetery - Burial List

Dramatic Changes Took Place at This Site in Late 2013

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