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A Colonial North Carolina First Family From Germany?


Who was Peter KŁwit (Kivet, Kivett) and from what country did he come?  What was his genesisí and reason for coming to America?  Was he Dutch ("Deutsche" is the German's word for German) or English?  Was he one of the persecuted palatines from Germany, France or Switzerland that escaped down the Rhine River and across the English Channel to Rotterdam, Holland then to England before immigrating to America?  Anyone studying the Kivett family has asked these questions many times.


A reference has been located on the Website of The Palatine Project to a Peter KŁwit coming to America on the ship Edinburgh from Rotterdam with arrival in Philadelphia 15 Sep 1749.  Did he take the "usual Oaths to the Government" at the Court House in Philadelphia, PA or pledge of allegiance to America in Colonial Rowan County, NC as a foreign immigrant?


Was this our Peter Kivett?



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