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Remember, from the Top Ten Genealogy Mistakes:

Genealogy is about much more than how many names you can enter or import into your database. Rather than being concerned about how far back you’ve traced your ancestors, What did they look like? Where did they live? How did they make their living? What events in history helped shape their lives, and how did they maybe shape some of this history? Your ancestors had beliefs, hopes, and dreams just as you have. While they may not have considered their lives interesting or important, I just bet you will! One of the best ways of learning more about your family’s special place in history is to interview your older living relatives. You may be surprised at the fascinating stories they have to tell when given the right opportunity and an encouraging and interested younger relative to tell them to.


Stories Some People Have Learned:



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Here are a few tips and some more examples about

 Bringing Family History to Life

The Story Tellers

Stories From Letters

Stories From Interviews

The Alston Freed Slaves

Ohio Cemetery Mystery

"My Remembrances"

My Female Past

A War Story

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Always intertwined with the Stories is some Geography.

Many find themselves asking:

How Did I Get to Be WHERE I Am ?

And Ultimately,


Who Do You Think Your Are


Then - Please Consider

The Importance of Bringing YOUR Story to Life:

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Now, How to Actually DO IT!

Your Story