Peter Kivett Family Association, Inc.

 An IRS-Recognized Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Educational Charity, EIN 46-0500366






Who We Are…                


We are a not for profit educational charity started in Randolph County, NC by a group of dedicated local genealogical researchers.  The parent group, although in informal operation since 1936, first became a NC Corporation in 2002.  IRS approval of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status was granted in 2003. The PKFA, Inc. is dedicated to genealogical education, collecting historical family data, preserving family heritages, and recovering abandoned cemeteries as a public interest service.


It does not matter who your relatives are; we want to enable you to find out to whom you are related. We want to enable you to do the research by giving to you resources and training with the necessary genealogical skills based on National Genealogical Society and Board of Certified Genealogists professional standards to accomplish this. We acknowledge we had no choice of how we arrived in this world by birth but we each do have a choice in what manner we depart this earthly world. The PKFA, Inc. Board of Directors and membership approved primary mission goals are:


1. To increase interest in and raise the standard of genealogical research and compilation by means of educational programs, open discussion forums, workshops, exchanges, lectures, historic field trips, E-mails and publication of genealogical data.

2. To encourage and instruct members and non-members alike in the art and practice of genealogical research and compilation, with computer and online Internet skills.

3. To  locate, cleanup, digitally document, register, beautify, maintain, and preserve abandoned colonial cemeteries and historic site with public access as a public interest service.

4. To reclaim, photograph, record, restore or replace tombstones especially from the North Carolina colonial period in abandoned and rural church cemeteries as a public interest service.

5. To acquaint members and non-members with sources of genealogical material in Randolph County, North Carolina and elsewhere including the Internet Websites.

6. To promote the collection, restoration, digital preservation, and use of census records, deeds, wills, court minutes, artifacts, manuscripts, family photographs, letters, documents and other materials of genealogical and historical value.

7. To conduct educational training on historic field and training workshop trips throughout the Southeast for the purpose of increasing new capabilities and skills consistent with Article II of the PKFA, Inc. bylaws.