Will of Peter Kivett (1726-1797) in 1793
of Randolph County, North Carolina


There are at least two versions of Peter Kivett's will in existence in the official records of North Carolina.  The original handwritten will of Peter Kivett is preserved in the North Carolina archives in Raleigh.  Bill Kivett has made available for inclusion in this website a copy of a copy of the "original" Peter Kivett Sr. last will and testament as filed in the NC State Archives in Raleigh, NC.  Bill Kivett was permitted by then President Forbis "Pete" Kivett to review and copy it in 1996 from the archives of the Peter Kivett Family Association.  However, on visits to Raleigh both Bill Kivett and his wife Nell personally held with, great trepidation, this now rather frail priceless original document.  From Bill Kivett's personal recollection of this moving experience, he is reasonable sure that the attached represent true copies of this three page "original will".

Note that there exists another similar 2-page document recorded in different handwriting in Randolph County, North Carolina Will Book 2, page 7.  There are slight name spelling differences for some of Peter's children in this Will Book 2 document, and the "signature" of Peter appears to be in the same handwriting as the person who must have transcribed the "original will" into the bound Randolph County Will Book 2.  The copies of the original Peter Kivett Will seem to contain on page 3 of 3 the signature of what was chosen to be part of the Peter Kivett Family Association, Inc. logo. 

Over the years, various transcriptions seem to have been made from both of these versions, themselves each containing a few additional typographical and spelling differences, and certain serious omissions - further adding to spread of misinformation.  Even the version seen on the http://pkivfa.org/peter's_will.htm referenced Donna Martin's "Wright-Kivett Families" link includes the child Charity Foust in her summary of the will, but references to Charity and some other lines from this "will book" will are not seen in her transcribed text shown elsewhere on her website - reportedly taken from the Randolph County Will Book 2 version, microfilm C.R.081.801.1-.14.

These attached scanned and converted images of the Original Peter Kivett Will are embarrassingly poor, but the best currently available.  These images were copies of copies of a document that itself has aged not so gracefully over the years since it's reported 03 Oct 1793 creation date.  In our opinion, it's little short of a miracle that this still mostly readable 212 year old Kivett family treasure was ever produced and has survived - even if in various versions.  As most know, without the identities and relationships listed in Peter Kivett Sr.'s "original will", vital evidence about this first American Kivett family would have been forever lost.

Bill Kivett has granted permission for  inclusion of these images of this most important Kivett family record on the http://pkivfa.org/peter's_will.htm web site.  It is certainly a matter of public record for anyone who asks to see the original  Will at the NC State Archives.  This brief explanation of the
Peter Kivett will, its two versions, and the genealogical importance are included  to demonstrate web site credibility and relevance more fully.


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Peter Kivett Will copy, 1794 Will Book 2 p. 7 Randolph Co., NC